This is the list of subjects which were adopted on 11th April 2014  and which are to be discussed and debated at Quarterly Meetings in the period 2014 to 2017

1.         William’s Report – formation of policy in due course.

2.         Health Study – North and Mid Wales.

3.         Transfer of services to Local Councils – funding issues.

4.         Transport improvements in both Mid and North Wales.

                     (to include Cambrian Line, Chester to Holyhead Lineelectrification and the future of bus passes.)

5.         Monitoring of the Planning Bill and its effects.

6.         Funding of Town and Community Councils.

7.         Educational matters – monitoring of reports and performance of our schools.

8.         Flooding and building on flood plains.

Other subjects maybe added during the period each Annual Meeting.



This is the list of subjects which were adopted in 2010 and which have been discussed and debated at Quarterly Meetings in the period 2010 to 2013

BLUE/ORANGE County Council Representation Discussion has been held on the subject of Charters.
BLUE County Council and Town Council relationships The County Councils often do not taken any real notice of Town and CommunityCouncils.
BLUE/GREEN/RED Boundaries of wards The boundary commission and ward changes are causing concern.
BLUE/GREEN Highways/planning authority Problems with officers of County Councils not taking due notice of Town and Community Councils.Poor planning process with many delays and indecisive officers.  WAG is now consultingon Non Material alterations to Plannign Consents and has also consulted on extending PermittedDevelopment. These two pieces of legislation should help.
RED Litter – dog fouling Litter and dog fouling an issue in most areas.
BLUE Health Meeting with Health Board held.
BLUE Schools and education Concern is expressed over reduction in schools due to financial cutbacks and falling rolls. A representative from Government is to attend the January 2013 meeting.
BLUE Police The role of PCSO and neighbourhood policing was of concern.
ORANGE Grant aid Europe/WAG/County Council decides what grant aid is spent on without consultation with Town and Community Councils. (also section 106 agreements).  WAG is slowly consulting more with theAssociation and is also slowly taking more notice of Local Councils.  Policy of Association is toseek money with services when delegated down to Town and Community Council level.
ORANGE County Council Reserves Public knowledge needed of County Council reserves and where they are invested. A letter was sent seeking information,it is noted on the County Web Sites under their accounting reports.
ORANGE Service delivery by County Councils Often poor delivery of services, too much red tape and too much time taken to achieve delivery.
ORANGE Local development plans Discussion taken place and appropriate letters sent..
GREEN County Council Charters County Councils often will not enter into charters or hold informal consultations on a regular basis with Town and Community Councils.
GREEN/BLUE/RED Devolution of services Problems of devolution of services to Town and Community Councils without funding – leaving uneven council tax increases.County Council funding is not provided when askingTown and Community Councils to take over services.
RED Parking (particularly disabled) Tickets for parking need to be transferable between car park areas in the same town.
RED Road quality Pot holes becoming poor on a lot of roads.  Quality of work an issue.  This has been raised byletter to each County Council from the Association.
RED Views and needs Census should be held to seek views and needs of a local community.
RED Planning and development Housing allocation concerns, lack of village centres in expanding areas. Letter sent to WAGseeking infrastructure to be in place before larger developments take place.
RED Business promotion Town and Community Councils should be supported by County Councils to promote businesses in towns.
RED Area representation There should be more of an association or forum presence for Town and Community Councilsto express its views. Welshpool has a local forum and many County Councils on the NorthCoast host events for Town and Community Councils.