UPDATES – November/December 2020

Web site last updated 4th December 2020 at 22:27.

1st December 2020 – Minutes of the Executive Meeting 11th December 2020 will be posted here by Sunday 13th December.

18th November 2020 – Agenda for Executive Meeting to be held on 11th December is posted here.

3rd November 2020 – Minutes of Executive Meeting held on 23rd October are posted here.

UPDATES – October 2020

26th October – Welsh Government Consultation on Strategic Development Plans. The full document is posted here. The proposed response from the Association is posted here. Any comments or suggestions should be emailed to the secretary no later than 31st December 2020.

5th October – Agenda for next Executive Meeting to be held on Friday 23rd October 2020 is posted here.

2nd October – Welsh Government consultation on empty non-domestic rates changes. The document is listed under the documents section of this web site along with the proposed response. Any comments on the proposed response should be received by the Secretary before 30th October please.

29th September – Please note that the 23rd October 2020 full quarterly meeting is being cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions. The January meeting will go ahead either face to face (if restrictions allow) or by Zoom.

UPDATES – September 2020

25th September – Draft minutes of Executive Meeting are posted here.

25th September – Minutes of a meeting with Welsh Government are posted under documents.

18th September – Agenda for a delayed Executive Meeting to be held on 25th September by Zoom is posted here.

1st September – Consulation on Welsh Government Taxation proposals (see details in Documents section) – propsed response by the association is posted here – please pass any comments/suggestions to the secretary no later than 15th September.

UPDATES – August 2020

23rd August – Remote meeting with ministers senior officers regarding the new trains for Wales and the North Coast Lines to be held later in September.

23rd August – Future Policy Plan 2020-2025 for the Association is posted here. Comments, suggetions and ideas for plan to be received by the secretary no later than 14th September. The final plan will go to a full meeting before approval.

23rd August – Revised response to consultation on plastics is posted here taking into account members comments and suggetions to date.

15th August – Consultation on Affordable Homes – (Welsh Government Document is posted here and the propsed response from the Association here. Comments and suggetions regarding the proposed response should reach the secretary no later than 14th October 2020.

6th August – Update from Transport for Wales is posted here.

1st August – Dates for 2020/2021 meetings set – 23rd October Meeting to be held by Zoom. Full list of dates is posted here.

1st August – Consultation on the use of plastics. Details are posted under documents, the suggested reponse form the Association is posted here. A revision to the proposed response is set out above. Any comments should be emailed to the Secretary no later than 14th September 2020.

UPDATES – July 2020

23rd July – Agenda for a meeting of the Executive to be held on Friday 31st July 2020 at 10.30am by Zoom is posted here. The draft minutes of this meeting are published here.

19th July – Annual Meeting of the Association has been deferred to July 2021. Election of a Vice Chair will take place at the next full Quarterly Meeting with restrictions allow.

9th July – Welsh Government Consultation – Wales Transport Strategy: scoping report – REF: WG40446 – see documents section for booklet and proposed response from the Association for comment by Members. Comments should be made to the Secretary no later than 23rd July.

4th July – Update from Transport for Wales affecting train services to some stations in North Wales with short platforms. Atricle is posted here.

North Wales Coast Rail Liaison

The Association has been given the green light with Transport for Wales to have a new North Coast and Conwy Valley Rail Lines Liaison arrangement. The general informaiton pack can be seen under documents on this web site. The next stage is to create a final plan to cover the workings of the new group linked to the Association and this is being prepared. The Association Members will then be asked to give the final go-ahead.

UPDATES – June 2020

18th June – Transport for Wales rail update.

18th June – Association updates for June 2020 are posted here.

24th June – North Wales Coast Rail Liaison Committee – detials are posted in documents section.

14th June – Consultation on Association Draft Policy Plan 2020-2025 – closing date for comments and suggestions 31st August 2020.

11th June – Minutes of Executive Meeting are posted here.

9th June – Agenda for Executive Meeting (by Zoom) 12th June 2020 is posted here.

1st June – Consultation on Listed Building Applications – Final document for submission to Welsh Government is posted here.

UPDATES – April 2020

There will be no face to face meetings of the Association until at least 30th June 2020.

14th April 2020 – Transport for Wales update is posted here.

2nd April 2020 – Transport for Wales update is posted here.

22nd March 2020 – Updates are posted here.

UPDATES – March 2020

18th March 2020 – Transport for Wales has announced today that there will be no on board catering on any of their trains until further notice.

18th March 2020 – Schools to close on Friday 20th March until further notice.

20th March 2020 – Rail timetables to change on 23rd April until further notice as follows:

A reduced timetable will operate throughout the Transport for Wales rail network starting Monday 23 March 2020. This will operate until further notice.

This means that Sunday service times will be applied seven days a week. Some additional train services may also operate to support selected urban commuter routes.  Train times may be subject to short notice change. The most up-to-date service information will be available on this website, the TfW Rail app and on digital information screens at stations. Please always check before travel.  

Railway station ticket office opening hours will also be amended to reflect these changes in train services.