The government has given strict guidelines, stay at home, support the NHS and save lives. Please do not travel unless it is an essential journey. A day trip out on the North Wales Coast Lines to the Coast is NOT a necessity and is putting people in danger. There is nothing open for you so please stay away. If we all obey the rules set down the restrictions will be over much sooner.


There will be no face to face meetings of the Association until at least 30th June 2020.

22nd March 2020 – Updates are posted here.

Transport for Wales update is posted here.

NEWS UPDATES – March 2020

18th March 2020 – Transport for Wales has announced today that there will be no on board catering on any of their trains until further notice.

18th March 2020 – Schools to close on Friday 20th March until further notice.

20th March 2020 – Rail timetables to change on 23rd April until further notice as follows:

A reduced timetable will operate throughout the Transport for Wales rail network starting Monday 23 March 2020. This will operate until further notice.

This means that Sunday service times will be applied seven days a week. Some additional train services may also operate to support selected urban commuter routes.  Train times may be subject to short notice change. The most up-to-date service information will be available on this website, the TfW Rail app and on digital information screens at stations. Please always check before travel.  

Railway station ticket office opening hours will also be amended to reflect these changes in train services. 

Quarterly Meeting Friday 24th April 2020 – Llandudno – cancelled

The Agenda Executive Meeting to be held on 13th March is posted here.

The minutes of the Executive meeting are posted here.

The usual April meeting has been cancelled due to the virus situation in the UK. A full date with schedule of decisions to be made will be issued to all members by the end of March which will keep members up to date and involved. More news as we have it.

QUARTERLY MEETING – 17th January 2020 – at the Pavilion Theatre in Rhyl

Executive Meeting Agenda 13th December 2019 is posted here.

Executive Meeting Minutes 13th December 2019 are posted here.

Quarterly Meeting Agenda 17-1-2020  is posted here.

Minutes Quarterly Meeting 17-1-2020 in draft are posted here.

Presentation slides from the meeting is posted  here.

Annual subscription forms are posted Membership July 2019-July2020

Consultations for quarterly meeting:

Local Government Elections (Wales) Bill 2019

Health and Safety Risk Assessment 2019

Please see documents for current consultations (Local Government Elections Wales Bill, Health and Safety Statement, Constitution and Standing Orders)

QUARTERLY MEETING – 25th October 2019 – Stamford Gate Hotel Holywell


AGENDA-for the Executive Meeting – Friday 20th September 2019

AGENDA for the Quarterly Meeting Friday 25th October 2019  is posted here.

MINUTES for the Quarterly Meeting Friday 25th October 2019 is posted  here.

Copy of ‘Prevention of Homeless’ presentation is posted here.








Annual and Quarterly Meeting – Friday 19th July 2019 at Connah’s Quay.

Agenda for the Execuive Meeting are posted here.

Minutes for the Executive Meeting are posted here.

Agenda for the Annual Meeting is posted here.

Minutes of the Annual Meeting are posted here.

Annual Report from the Chair 2018-2019 is posted chairmansreport2019

Agenda for the Quarterly Meeting is posted here.

Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting are posted here.

Report on the homeless as presented to the meeting here

Date of next quarterly meeting : Friday 25th October 2019 at Holywell Town Council











Date of meeting Friday 12th April 2019.

Agenda for Executive Meeting  to be held on Friday 8th March 2019 – posted here.

Minutes of Executive Meeting held on Friday 8th March 2019 – posted here.

Agenda for Quarterly Meeting to be held on Friday 12th April 2019 – posted here.

Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting held on Friday 12th April 2019 – posted here

Climate Change Emergency Policy – posted here

Information on Taxable Allowances is posted – here









Executive agenda – December 2018 – is posted here.

Executive minutes – December 2018 – is posted here.

Agenda for Quarterly Meeting – January 2019 – is posted here.

Minutes of Quarterly Meeting – January 2019 – are posted here.

Press Release on School Meals attached SCHOOLMEALS-PRESSRELEASE-nwa

Minister Statement on Town and Community Councils paper is posted here.